Providing Your
Loved Ones With A
Beautiful And Peaceful
Resting Place

Providing your loved
ones with a
beautiful and peaceful
resting place


Select a single grave or multiple plots for burial.

Preserving Ashes

Choose the best placement for ashes.

Funeral Homes

Make arrangements with a local funeral home.
cemetery in carroll county, maryland

Meadow Branch Cemetery

About Us

Meadow Branch Cemetery, located in the heart of Carroll County, Maryland, has served the community for years by offering burial and columbarium options in a place of beauty and comfort. Our spacious grounds have provided over 15,000 people with a quiet, pleasant resting place.

Plan your legacy today


Most are not prepared to deal with all that accompanies the death of a loved one, making arrangements in advance when it comes to burial property or cremation provide peace of mind during a time of grief. If you’re considering pre-arrangement, Meadow Branch’s friendly staff can help you understand your options and answer your questions.

Pre-arrangement with Funeral Homes


Select a single grave plot for a traditional, in-ground burial.
Purchase a small area of the cemetery to be reserved you and your family.
Our Columbarium space is available for final placement of ashes.