Rules & Regulations

  1. A “lot” consists of three (3) burial sites. A lot or any unused sites or niches may be transferred back to the Cemetery, as described here in.
  2. No transfer of a lot or lots, site, or niche, will be valid without the prior written consent of the Cemetery, its successors or assigns. Owners of any site, or lot(s), on which no interments have been made, desiring to dispose of same, may sell them back to the Cemetery which agrees to buy at the price originally paid by owner.
  3. If a proposed private transfer of any lot or site(s) to any party other than the Cemetery is approved, a new deed will be issued after payment of a $25.00 transfer fee. (Fee waived if transfer is to a church congregation or back to the Cemetery for charitable purpose.) Grave lots, sites and niches may also be returned or otherwise donated to the Cemetery with the understanding the same will be resold to provide funds for perpetual care, with sale proceeds retained by the Cemetery.
  4. During their life, an owner or owners, without the need for a formal transfer, may designate in writing the name of an individual whose remains may be interred in a niche or a burial site that the owner or owners do not intend to use personally. Said writing must be on file with the Cemetery to validly bind it. The Cemetery may, but shall not be required to, accept other written documentation of such similar designation (s) for use of a niche or site. In the event that the designated individual passes away and the use has not been made of the niche or site, the legal requirements hereinafter referred to will be applicable for a valid transfer.
  5. In the event of the death of the last living owner, the Cemetery reserves the right to prohibit any use of any remaining grave lot, site (s) or niche until presented with satisfactory documentation of either: (1) the identity of the heirs or legatees, and an agreement among them concerning the use of such lot, site or niche; or (2) if transferred by specific bequest in a Last Will and Testament, and the Personal Representative of the estate submits the necessary written documentation to the Cemetery.
  6. Direct transfers to an undertaker or a church congregation are discouraged and normally will not be approved, although it is the policy of the Cemetery to cooperate with charitable needs communicated by undertakers or church organizations.
  7. The policy of the Cemetery is to adhere strictly to the requirements of subsection (d) of Section 5-503 of the Business Regulations Article of the Maryland Code concerning the disposal by an owner of burial lot or niche. Copy of the statue with explanation is available from the Cemetery upon request.
  8. A fee of $25.00 will be charged when an original deed is replaced with a duplicate deed.
  9. There is a limit of two burials on any one burial site. This is accomplished by burying double-deep, (one on top of the other). The first burial in any site will be double the normal grave opening charge. Where a single burial is placed in one grave site, three cremation urns may be buried also. A maximum of a one foot marker will be permitted per grave site. Up to four urns and one foot marker may be placed.
  10. All burials in the Cemetery must be within a vault or grave liner constructed of permanent materials.
  11. There shall be no animals/pets buried in Cemetery.
  12. In the Memorial Section (non-monument), and in single grave sites, no marker (including footstones), shall be permitted to extend above the level of the ground. All flat markers are required to have a base four inches wider (on all sides) than the marker. No vases are to be placed in flat markers.
  13. In Monument sections, traditional monuments are permitted to extend above the ground with no more than one head stone centered in relation to the lot (the three grave sites)- (unless otherwise approved in writing by the Cemetery in advance), with one foot marker allowed per grave site (except as otherwise set forth in paragraph 3 above). All monuments are to be of marble, granite or other permanent material and all upright monuments must have a supporting concrete base placed at ground level, said base is to be five inches wider than the upright portion of the monument, on all sides.
  14. All bases, monuments or flat markers, must be a minimum of 24 inches deep and installed by the Cemetery’s caretaker.
  15. If any monument, effigy, or other structure whatsoever, or any inscription placed in or upon any lot site, or other Cemetery property, shall be deemed by the Cemetery, its successors or assigns, offensive or improper, the Cemetery shall have the right to enter upon said site, lot or Property and remove such object or inscription at owner’s expense.
  16. The owners of any lot or site are not permitted to plant flowers, trees or shrubs, nor are they permitted to remove, trim or otherwise molest plants, trees or shrubs planted by the Cemetery.
  17. The Cemetery prohibits enclosures of any kind including fencing, hedges, shrubs or curbing around any lot or site. Ornaments, chairs, settees, vases, glass cases or any other articles that may be considered objectionable by the Cemetery Board may be removed without notice to lot or site owners. Any such action by the Board may result in related expenses being billed to the lot or site owner(s).
  18. Any live, cut or artificial flowers may/or will be removed from a grave stone or site if they interfere with the normal maintenance such as mowing and trimming operations. Any and all flowers and their containers are placed in the Cemetery at the owner’s risk. Flowers are not the responsibility of the Cemetery Board or its Caretaker. Cemetery personnel will not normally remove live or cut flowers from grave sites or lots for at least 48 hours on certain holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  19. Receptacles of a permanent nature, for cut flowers must be placed below ground level in order not to interfere with mowing. Glass or other breakable materials are prohibited.
  20. Funeral designs and floral pieces will be removed from grave sites or lots when they become wilted or unsightly. Persons desiring to retain any such items must remove the same within 48 hours after interment.
  21. All persons entering the Meadow Branch Cemetery do so at their own risk. The Meadow Branch Cemetery is not liable for any bodily injuries incurred on the premises.
Approved May 22, 2020